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Al Quraish Pet Bottles

The manufacturing process of PET bottles is quite complex. It all starts with the PET resin. The resin is sold in the form of pellets, small masses similar in size to grains of rice. These pellets are first melted then they are injected into a first mould to produce preforms, the precursor of the bottle. Preforms look very much like test tubes. The second step in the bottle production process is the so-called “stretch blow-moulding” phase. The preform is set within a second mould where it is heated so it becomes soft and fluid. Next, high pressure air is blown inside the preform while at the same time it is being stretched. Since the preform is now soft, its walls are pushed against the walls of the mould giving the desired shape to the container.

Al Quraish PET Bottle Manufacture

Al Quraish PET Bottles currently manufactures PET Bottles and Preforms for use in Soft drinks and CSD bottles:

PET Bottles

  • 250ml
  • 275ml
  • 280ml
  • 300ml
  • 1000ml
  • 1500ml

All our bottles are made from 100% Virgin PET and are continuously tested using testing methods such as:

  • Stress Crack Tests
  • Top Load Tests
  • Burst Test


  • 19g with PCO neck size of 28mm
  • 20g with PCO neck size of 28mm
  • 37g with PCO neck size of 28mm
  • 39g with PCO neck size of 28mm
  • 48g with PCO neck size of 28mm

Al Quraish Recycling


To be able to produce PET bottle flakes of the highest quality, our production process requires post-consumer PET bottles and PET flakes to go through up to four sorting steps, four washing steps, and four drying steps. Our end product is then put through laboratory tests to ensure that it conforms to our strict quality standards before it is approved for export. This quality control and management process is thoroughly documented and certified by the standards of ISO9001:2008. query form and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Hot-Washed PET Bottle Flakes

The product specifications of our standard production is as follows, however, we are able to produce material to any specification as per the requirements of our customer.

  • Color : ( White, Green )
  • Size : ( 12-14 MM )
  • Moisture : ( less than 1% )
  • PVC : ( less than 300 ppm )
  • Other Impurities : ( less than 500 ppm )
  • Packaging: ( 45-50 KG PP Bags )
al-quraish board mill

Al Quraish Paper Mill


Al Quraish Paper Industries is part of the Al Quraish Group of Companies, which compromises of Al Quraish PET Bottles (Plastic Bottles Manufacturing) and Al Quraish Board Mills (Kraft Paper Mill).
Paper machinery newly imported from Sweden, an experienced staff, and a strict adherence to standards allows Al Quraish Paper to product fine quality paper to a capacity. The list of paper being produced given below is not exhaustive and Al Quraish paper welcomes any interest for a specific paper type. Depending on the capability of our machines to produce that paper and quantity required, Al Quraish paper will be happy to fulfill the order.
For any further information and bout Al Quraish Paper, products, and enquiries about specific paper types please contact our human resources officer. We look forward to hearing from you.

Al Quraish Paper Manufacture

Al Quraish Paper manufactures the following types of writing and printing paper:

  • 55-68g A Quality Writing Paper
  • 50-53g B Quality Writing Paper
  • 30grm Coated Board

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